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Print all Built-In Outlook Menu Items and their associated ID's

Often you want to hide or programatically execute a built-in Outlook menu item. To do this you'll need its unique ID. The code below will automatically display all of the built-in Outlook menus and their associated ID's. Once you know the ID of the built-in CommandBarButton, you can use the FindControls method of the CommandBar or CommandBars object to retrieve that particular menu item.


Dim strIndent

Function Item_Open()
    For Each objCB In Application.ActiveExplorer.CommandBars
        If objCB.Type = 1 And objCB.BuiltIn Then
            PrintIDs objCB
            Exit For
        End If
End Function

Sub PrintIDs(objCB)
    For Each objCBControl In objCB.Controls
       Item.Body = Item.Body & strIndent & objCBControl.ID & ": " & objCBControl.Caption & vbCrLf
       If objCBControl.Type = 10 Then
           strIndent = strIndent & vbTab
           PrintIDs objCBControl.CommandBar
           If Len(strIndent) > 0 Then strIndent = Left(strIndent, Len(strIndent) - 1)
       End If
End Sub

Print all Built-In Outlook Menu Items and their associated ID's

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