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Richard Wakeman's Corner
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MIIS SP2 = Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007
It would seem that MIIS needed a name change so for those who are just new to the Microsoft IDM game, the rules have changed again! While much of the underlying functions of the old Zoomit technology are still buried under the ILM covers, some new features are due to be released this summer with ILM 2007 and even more is planned for the upcoming ILM release due at the end of the year.Follow the link to learn more.
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Implementing User Entitlements with MIIS
Now that MIIS is being utilized for more pervasive provisioning systems, we see more and more questions around how to perform user entitlements. “Should MIIS perform these user entitlements?” and if so “should MIIS perform these user entitlements directly or through some asynchronous processes?” The answer depends on the nature of the solution, but in most circumstances MIIS can in fact drive these user entitlement solutions. Follow the link to learn more.
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Richard has spent the last several years specializing in Identity Management solutions. He is one the leaders of the Identity Management development team at Version 3 and has designed and created world-class IDM products that provide Single Sign-On solutions that integrate with Microsoft's Active Directory. Richard spoke on Microsoft Technologies in in Orlando and Amsterdam for TechEd and is the chief editor of

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