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Michele Deo has over 18 years of experience in the information technology industry. Michele conceptualizes, constructs, tests, and implements integrated network hardware and a software solutions, distributed computing solutions, and as well within the last 12 years has specialized in Unified Messaging infrastructure design and implementation.   

As a consultant with the EDS Microsoft Consultant team, Michele specializes in the design and review of many large Active Directory and Exchange infrastructures for corporate deployments throughout the world.  As well as she did author the non-published book titled “Exchange 2000 for Dummies”.

Michele is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, as well as a Cisco Unity Systems Engineer.  She is currently working on her Master’s Degree in Technology Management.

Additional Website information:

You can reach Michele at the following e-mail address: E-mail address:

Michele L. Deo, MCSE, CUSE


Expertise Focus

*      Microsoft Exchange Server Infrastructure Design & Implementation

*      Microsoft Exchange Migration Strategies & Best Practices

*      Active Directory Migration & Strategies

*      Unified Messaging Infrastructure Design & Implementation

*      .NET Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Current Articles

Microsoft Exchange Migration Series

I have found through my experience in helping customers try to make the right decision as to how to migrate their well established MS Exchange 5.5 infrastructures to MS Exchange 2000, that information regarding the topic is fairly light in publication.   A lot of information is covered at the Administration level, but barely anything is covered at the business to technology aspect.  My Migration series will help the consultant work with the business decisions makers into understanding the issues of a “mixed” mode infrastructure, and guide you down the right migration course.  Over the next couple of weeks, additional parts will be published. 

*     Part 1 – Preparation

*     Part 2 – Key areas to research Coming Soon!

*     Part 3 – Understanding what to look and plan for

*     Part 4 - Cleaning up before proceeding

Microsoft Exchange 2000 Service Pack 3

There are some new caveats that you need to understand before approaching MS Exchange 2000 Service Pack 3


§          You can’t just uninstall anymore

§          MS Exchange “mixed” mode cautions

§          Proper testing before deployment lifesavers

Unified Messaging

 The new trend in regards to building more collaborative systems and reducing system overhead for corporations, Unified Messaging provides new avenues for the Messaging infrastructures.


*      Part 1 - How to prepare

*      Part 2 - Understanding the issues related to “everything” inside one mailbox

*      Part 3 - Tools of the Trade and what's new

 Archived Articles

My articles of the past can be found here:

o         MS Exchange Recovery Series (4/15/2002)

§          Deleted Items Recovery

§          Offline Storage

§          Using a recovery server

o         Service Pack 2 – Beware!! (3/11/2001)

o         Exchange Conference Server Exposed (1/25/2001)

o         Sharepoint, Formerly Tahoe (2/20/01)o        





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