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  A Brief Look at Outlook XP
By Justin Braun, MCSE, MCP+I
Justin's Column:

Officially dubbed Office XP, included in the suite of products is the newest version of Outlook. Outlook XP, which Microsoft denotes “XP” as “experience”, adds new features that make management of your personal data much easier and more automated. This short review of Outlook XP covers the newest features.

Here is a list of new features and existing improved features that I feel are standouts among the rest since the last release of Outlook 2000.

- Issues such as load time and shutdown time for the application have improved. - Support for multiple mail account types. Multiple POP3, IMAP4, HTTP accounts per profile. - Single instance of Exchange Server service per profile. - Multiple directory services per profile. - Other 3rd Party services (Fax Mail Transport) - Integrates the VB Macro Editor to create your own Outlook macros (automate tasks). - Mailbox Cleanup - Search for items in the mailbox that are over a particular size or older than a particular number of days. - Select items to be part of an AutoArchive process. - Determine mailbox and Deleted Items sizes. - MSN Instant Messenger Integration - Calendar color-coding based on events (personal, business, important, etc.) - On profiles with multiple services attached to them, you have the ability to create a new mail message from any service in the profile. Send it from your personal POP3 account, or send it from your Exchange Server account. You get to choose.

I am currently testing the beta of Office XP. Thus far, most of the improvements are most noticeable in Outlook. There are numerous features that I have been waiting on…For example, the aforementioned message account selection. I have numerous accounts, and to be able to send a message from any particular account under the same profile is a productivity booster and a huge time-saver.

If you are involved in the beta test for this product, send me your feedback and opinions on this new product at Tell me what your favorite new features are. Until next time, happy messaging!

For screenshots from the new version of Outlook XP, click here.

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