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Glen Scales's Exchange Column

Hi there and welcome to my Exchange Column, I've been fiddling around with Exchange since version 5 and I believe with a bit of imagination and creativity there isn't much you can't do with it. To prove this here's some of the stuff I get up to if you have any questions or comments please let me know at or check out my blog.
What's New Exchange 2x Event sink Scripts

Intelligent Message Filter Reporting Scripts New

Exchange 2003 WMI Logon and Audit Tracking Database  New

Email Policy Acceptance Com Object - Enable/Disable a User's mailbox until they have accepted the company's Email policy   New

Exchange Event Log Report and Database New

Bug fix's for Articles in on this page  

Exchange 2x Management Scripts

Message Tracking Logs Report Script and Database  New

Mail-Box Size Report Script and Database   

Finding Unused mailboxes Script

Other Exchange 2x scripts

Attachment Archiving to a File Server Script

Publish a Meeting Room Calender as Web page script  

Publish a Resource Calender as a Web page Script 

Mailbox Crawl script  

Combined Content filter and Mailbox Crawl Script  

Contacts from Inbox emails script  

Creating an ADO Recordset from an Exchange 2000 Address list

Live Communication Server Articles

Office Live Communication Server Instant Messaging  FAQ 

Sending a Instant Message Programmatically via Live Communication Server  

Instant Messaging Auto Response Bots

Instant Messaging Auto Response Bots Introduction  

IM Database auto response bot  

IM Commands - CMD executing auto response bot  

IM Distribution list Auto response Bot - Use Exchange DL's in IM

IM Active Directory Query Response Bot (phone number) 


Mailbox Commands - Executes CMD commands on servers via Email

Forward Mail on Demand to any Mailbox

The Oracle Mailbox - Example of using Exchange and SQL with an WSS event sink

WSS Version of IM Announcements to all user with an Exchange mailbox 

Content Filtering and Scanning Script  

Exoledb Script Host Event Sink Debugging and Troubleshooting

Attachment-less Mailbox Event Sink (Attachment Archieving)  

SMTP Switch / Journal per Domain

Catch Un-dismissed Calendar Reminders Sink New

Building Com objects in VBS for NT and Exchange

Send all Incoming email to a printer

General Exchange 2x Articles

Using VBS Event Sink scripts with the Web Storage System

SQL for Exchange 2000 the Bluffers Guide 

Tips and Tricks for Exchange Development using CDO with VB and VBS event sink with Exchange 2000 

Web GAL Mod Com object - Allow a staff member to modify phone numbers of all people in their department/office 

SAPI and TAPI Scripts for Exchange

Ex2k Instant Messaging Articles

Instant Messaging Introduction

Instant Messaging FAQ   

Instant Messaging Client Information

Instant Messaging Logging On and DNS considerations

Logon and Logoff scripts for Roaming with Instant Messaging Contact setting

Sending an Instant Message programmatically using the IM SDK   

IM Announcements to all user with a Exchange mailbox using an On_Arrival SMTP event sink  

Instant Messaging usage Logging Script   

About Me

My name is Glen Scales and I've  been working in IT for about 8 years. Currently I work as a Senior Engineer for a company in Sydney Australia which provides solutions for networks of any size. I'm a MVP in Exchange, MCSE in NT4,2000 and 2003, MCDB, MCP in Exchange5.5, 2000 ,SMS and a Compaq ASE. If you have any questions on my articles please send me an email at . I also maintain this Blog on blogspot about Exchange Development.

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