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Fred Volking's Column
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Howdy pardner. My name is Frederick. My friends call me Farmer Fred cause Iím a down-home sort of olícoot and I donít take easy with high brow technology. Iíd rather whip out my shotgun and shoot those dang buzz words than try to remember them all. So in these articles, Iíve tried to explain technology in words and pictures that my olídog might even understand. Simple easy explanations. So simple, that sometimes my explanations might be a bit simplistic. I just might slip-past a complex tidbit simply because itís easier to understand the whole barnyard picture without worrying about where the darned chicken is gonna lay eggs. My intent is to give ya the foundation ya need to go read those other articles filled with those $20 words.

So pull up a chair, pour yourself a lemonade, and enjoy your reading Ö

The Webstore is just a danged database             Posted May 2, 2001

When I began reading about the WebStorage, I got really confused. Everything I read talked about hierarchical databases, nodes, schema and Exchange, but they kept referring to ADO as the tool to use. ADO is what I use to get data from relational databases with tables, rows and columns. Lots of wispy concepts that I could not glue together in my mind, no matter how hard I tried. So after all that reading, sweating and self-flagellation, I eventually figured it out. Check it out


Fred is a senior developer for ITFactory. Aside from raising chickens, sky-diving and traveling to Europe he manages to lead highly technical projects all over the world.

Fred created and delivered the Exchange 2000 Development labs at Teched 2000 in Orlando and Amsterdam.

To learn more about Fred's professional talents, check out his Resume.

You may contact Fred at


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