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  Colin Janssen on Microsoft Exchange

Colin Janssen on Microsoft Exchange

Welcome to my column on My name is Colin Janssen and I am a Technical Pre-Sales Consultant and Senior Systems Engineer for a leading Messaging and Workflow company in Perth, Western Australia. Most of my 7 years in IT have been spent in a similar role to the above, Implementing and Designing Messaging Systems and Infrastructure for SME, Government and Enterprise organisations. You can contact me on



Current Articles

OWA Loses Message Contents when Replying or Sending : If you've ever experienced the problem of Outlook Web Access loosing the contents of the message when replying and forwarding, you'll be happy to know a solution is available.. [Check it out]

Exchange Server Setup.log : When trying to troubleshoot an Exchange Server installation that's gone wrong, don't forget the Exchange Server Setup.log. When all else has failed, it could be your saving grace. [Check it out]

Single Instance Storage & Upgrades : There's plenty of confusion around as to whether single instance storage is retained or lost when upgrading from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000. With a yes/no answer to this question an explaination is in order to answer the question correctly. [Check it out]


Access the Archives : There are many more articles available on my column, too many to list here. Regular readers will notice I have revamped my column considerably. Over time I will be updating all my old articles, not only with formatting changes, but also with content.

OLD ARCHIVES : [Check em out]


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