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Configuring Exchange & Outlook for ISP port 25 blocking        

Spam has caused many companies to rethink their email policies and to change the way email is handled. Earthlink, Inc. is known for their reliable service and for their active spam, pop-up blocking, and antivirus programs. One extra step Earthlink and many other ISPs for that matter, are taking is to block port 25 (SMTP) traffic from their users. This approach is effective in keeping spam from originating from their services, however, it limits small office/home office Exchange server installs. Check it out

Making Distrobution Groups Interactive

(Posted 12/10/2003) Recently some of the members of the church I attend approached me and asked if I knew of an alternative for using Yahoo Groups. Now I know there are 3rd party applications that will do this very function for Exchange, however, the churches IT budget is a whopping zero. After pondering for a few moments, I told them to give me a week or two to find something. Well the two week timeframe is up and here is the solution we needed. Check it out

The Benefits Of WMI in Exchange

(Posted 4/28/2004) As many of you know, Windows Management Instrumentation or WMI for short, offers administrators a very robust way of configuring and analyzing system performance and settings. WMI contains the power to access an almost endless array of settings and configurations, as well as facilitates monitoring and configuration of settings. What many of you may not know is that since Exchange 2000 sp2, Exchange contains many WMI features as well. This enables the Exchange administrator the ability to create tools that are tailored to their network. Let us take a look at some examples of how WMI can streamline some of your administrative tasks. Check it out

Brian Veal started his professional career as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician were he not only learned to work under pressure and to react quickly to changing environments, he also designed and coded location specific software to assist with the fire department's daily needs. He currently works at C2 Systems as a developer and support specialist. He has worked extensively with Exchange server in many different configurations for the past two years and is also a MCP.


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