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Tracey J. Rosenblath -  MCSE/ A+/ MOUS

Discussing Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server.

Stay tuned for many tips and tricks as well as exam study guides for the computer certification candidates out there!



Welcome to my brand new Outlook and Exchange Server Column on!  My name is Tracey J. Rosenblath and I have worked with both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange in many networking environments as well as my own.  I am a networking/computer consultant as well as the author of several computer books.

Additionally, I am currently a regular columnist on such popular IT certification web sites as Exam Notes and Certify Express.  I moderate in the forums of both sites as Paisleyskye as well.  To find out more about me, you can view my professional credits or visit my website.

Please feel free to contact me anytime at  Whether you want to discuss one of the articles here, or to send me suggestions for new ones I look forward to hearing from you.

New Articles

Because this column is new, all of my articles are currently new.  As I write more for this column, only the newest article will go into this section and all others will be moved to the Articles Archive.

Microsoft Outlook - Achieving Maximum Efficiency - Part I of III

Microsoft Exchange Servers And Backups - Part II

Archived Articles

Every week articles that used to be new will be moved down here to the archived articles.  This way you will always be able find my older articles if you need to research or are curious about a certain topic.

E-mail Tracking With Outlook

Junk Mail - Outlook Solutions

Microsoft Exchange Servers And Backups - Part I

Certification Corner

If you are currently studying for any Outlook or Exchange exams, this is your section!  Here you will find articles dealing with all of the Exam Objectives (not all at once of course, I'm only one person), but over time we will have a valuable study resource here.  Please note that although some of the objectives are fairly straight forward I have decided to cover them anyway - after all you need to know them to pass the exams.

Outlook 2000

Microsoft's objectives for MOUS exams have several tasks under one objective.  I will try to include two to three tasks from each objective in each of the study articles for the Outlook 2000 exam.  It is important to remember that in order to pass the Outlook exam you must have some experience using Microsoft Outlook - this exam is practical and is not multiple choice.  

Objective 1 : Using Outlook 2000 to Communicate

Reading and Sending E-mail

Composing, Printing and Addressing E-mail

Outlook 2002

Coming Soon!!!

Exchange Server 2000

Coming Soon!!!

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