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Tips & Tricks to find your misplaced emails in Outlook
Have you ever lost anything in Outlook? It is fairly easy to accidentally file something into a subfolder from a rule or an accidental drag & drop. In this article, I describe the search functions and how to best use them.

 Recover missing items from the Outlook menu
Are you missing some common options such as “out of office assistant”, “deleted item recovery” & “Backup” option from the outlook menu? Than you are at the right place for getting that resolved. Read on for how to get this back on to the outlook menus.

Microsoft Exchange and Sendmail Server
Most Exchange administrators know that Sendmail is a Unix-based SMTP server, but did you know it is highly scalable and offers excellent performance? In my latest article, I have made an honest act to be neutral in comparing the Exchange and Sendmail platforms. In fact, instead of giving advice or advocating a product, I have included only facts and my observations.

Using Six Sigma For Exchange Maintenance
Exchange maintenance is important in order to pro-actively address exchange problems and errors. The core of exchange maintenance has been to monitor the event log where you will find mainly 3 important events in application logs from exchange they are Error, Information and Warnings. These are logged by various exchange subsystems such as IS,DS, SA etc. In this article, I explain how the methodologies used in Six Sigma can be applied to Exchange monitoring and support.

How to change the default Outlook forms
Small and large organizations usually would use customized outlook forms for contacts etc. In order to accomplish this we would have to design the custom form and have to enforce that custom form as the default form to all the users of outlook. This tutorial will help you to understand the procedures involved in order to accomplish this. 

Recover the missing options from the Outlook Menu
Are you missing some common options such as “out of office assistant”, “deleted item recovery” & “Backup” option from the outlook menu? Than you are at the right place for getting that resolved. Read on for how to get this back on to the outlook menus.

How to get the Calendar or Task Reminders working
There are certain scenarios in which the Outlook reminders may stop working correctly. This article will cover some steps you can use to get reminders working again. In addition, we have included other command line options that are available to help you handle other various issues within Outlook.

How to migrate calendar meetings without losing the Option "Send Update"
It is always part of the outlook administration job to either move, recover , repair and migrate outlook mailbox or PST. It is worthwhile mentioning that after the migration of the outlook mailbox or PST to another Mailbox or PST everything will probably look fine. Having said that, there is one thing that seldom works correctly. You may notice that in the newly migrated mailbox, all the meetings will be missing the "send Update" option. The work around is simple but it is rarely mentioned on the support sites.

Outlook Mailbox Maintenance Plan
It is a difficult task to maintain a mailbox, which usually has a fixed mailbox size. Lets   examine how we   can automate the maintenance and moving of  e-mails from mailbox folders to Personal folder using AutoArchive. This is a Step by step guide with tips

AutoArchive is cool option having provision  to set it on the Mailbox folders and Personal folders with the option of moving or deleting e-mails based on

e-mails age.

Santhosh.H  is a Exchange server & outlook Administrator at Timken Engineering & Research, India. He specializes in Exchange Server, Linux,  Windows administration, and scripting.   He has been contributing articles in “Readers to Readers” sections in “ Windows & .Net Magazine”. He is a IBM Certified  Server specialist  and Microsoft certified Systems administrator

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