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Bulk Changes with ADModify        

Remember when performing bulk changes in Exchange could be done with a simple directory import? With Exchange Server 2000/2003 and Active Directory,  bulk updates are just as easy, but different tools are required. One option is to become proficient with ADSI scripting, but if you’re too busy to learn how to program over night there is a little tool called ADModify that should make a nice addition to your toolkit. In this article, I introduce you to the ADModify tool and provide some tips and a download link so you too can modify like the pros! Check it out

How Many Users in a particular OU have an Exchange Mailbox?        

I was recently asked what sounded like a very simple question. “How many users do we have that are email enabled?”. Turns out the answer wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be, especially since I was trying to answer the question for a single department head, not for the entire domain. In this article, I show you some simple VBScript that will show you in an instant how many mailbox-enabled contacts are in an OU. Check it out



Kristina Waters is currently employed as a Network Engineer for the City of Norfolk, VA. She has worked in the field since 1999 and got her start doing IT for credit unions, then moved on to consulting. Her strengths include Active Directory design and administration, Exchange support, project management, and lately she has been working on Enterprise scripting to help accomplish various tasks.

You may contact Kristina at


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