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How Many Users in a particular OU have an Exchange Mailbox? Columnist's Index
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I was recently asked what sounded like a very simple question. “How many users do we have that are email enabled?”. Turns out the answer wasn’t as simple as I thought it would be, especially since I was trying to answer the question for a single department head, not for the entire domain. Since all departments in my domain are organized by OU, it seemed reasonable that all I needed to do was determine how many users in the OU were mailbox enabled. Not only could I not tell how many users in the OU had email accounts, I couldn’t even tell exactly how many users were in the OU.

The following script solved the problem for me. It creates a report on the root of the C: drive which contains the samAccountName (pre Windows 2000 logon name), first name and last name of all users in the OU. For any user that is not mailbox enabled, ‘No Mailbox’ will be tagged after their other information. The bottom of the report contains the number of mailbox enabled users and the number of non-mailbox enabled users. Be sure to modify the myOU statement to match your environment. 

Feel free to email me with comments or questions.  

'On Error Resume Next
'This script will create a text file on the root of C:
'containing the name of all users in the OU.
'If the user has no mailbox it will be noted, also counts
'the # of mail enabled users in the OU, and # of users
'with no email
'Kristina L Waters, 02/03/05

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
'The file will be created on the root of the C: drive
Set objOutputFile = objFSO.CreateTextFile("c:\Mail_Enabled_Users.txt", True)

'Edit the following line to reflect your environment
myOU = "OU=SomeOU,OU=Users,dc=domain,dc=com"

i = 0
x = 0

Set objOU = GetObject("LDAP://"& myOU)

For Each objCont in objOU
'Check to see if the object is a User account

if objCont.Class = "user" then
set objUser = Getobject("LDAP://"& objCont.distinguishedname)
If objUser.homemdb <> "" then
strOutput = objUser.samaccountname &";"& & _
";"& objUser.GivenName &";"
objOutputFile.WriteLine strOutput
i = i + 1
strOutput = objUser.samaccountname &";"& & _
";"& objUser.GivenName &";No Mailbox;"
objOutputFile.WriteLine strOutput
x = x + 1
end if
End If


objOutputFile.WriteLine "Total number of email enabled users is "& i &"."
objOutputFile.WriteLine "Total number of users with no email is "& x &"."

'Clean up
set objRootDSE = Nothing
set objDomain = Nothing
set objFSO = Nothing
set objOutputFile = Nothing
set objOU = Nothing
set objUser = Nothing

wscript.Echo "All Done"

How Many Users in a particular OU have an Exchange Mailbox? Columnist's Index

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