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Tips for Managing Attachments in Exchange
One of the major challenges of Exchange is managing attachment files. These challenges are common with existing Exchange platforms and will remain when Exchange 2007 is released early next year.  I provide some tips on helping to manage attachments in this article.
[ check it out ]

Exchange 2007 Creates New Possibilities for Data Protection
In June at Microsoft TechEd in Boston, many Exchange experts were on hand to share information about this new release. Exchange 2007 includes many new features and many of these changes impact Exchange data protection. Increased Exchange storage capacity and new replication tools create new possibilities for protecting Exchange Server from data loss.  In this article I cover LCR and CCR, two implementations of log shipping included with Exchange 2007. [ check it out ]

Log Shipping for Microsoft Exchange 2007
The next major release of Exchange will include new a feature called “log shipping” that will deliver improved data protection for Exchange. In the event an Exchange server fails, the standby database files are ready for recovery, and contain the most recent transaction data from the last log file shipped. Follow the link to learn more about this upcoming feature of Exchange.  [ check it out ]

Exchange 2003 ‘Journaling’ – A quick tutorial
The rise in e-mail archival is drawing attention to a feature of Microsoft® Exchange commonly referred to as ‘journaling’. Journaling is used by organizations of all shapes and sizes to maintain records of communications that occur as employees conduct daily business. It records all e-mail communication sent and received, and feeds that into a larger journaling solution. Before you run out and enable journaling on your Exchange Server, there are some important issues you should consider.  [ check it out ]

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