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The Migration of Exchange 5.5 to 2003 Server
With any migration, it is important to see to it that the project is undertaken with a lot of care. This document was written to provide the reader with highly detailed information that lists not only the pre-requisites for an Exchange 5.5-2003 migration but also the migration path from mixed to native mode.
[ check it out ] Posted 1/19/2007

Managing the Mailboxes with Outlook and Exchange 2003
This article is intended to provide some tips on troubleshooting various Outlook clients issues such as Deleted Items, Removed Contacts, Distribution List issues, the use of Email templates and logon issues just to name a few. Think you have seen it all? Follow the link to see for yourself.
[ check it out ] Posted 11/27/2006

Failing back when an Exchange 5.5 to 2003 mailbox move fails
The purpose of this article is to describe the failed over practice and strategies that are effective during a migration process from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003. The purpose of the article is to give to the network administrators the capacity to properly roll-back a failed migration process. Also, during the planning and design process to properly understand how to step back.
[ check it out ] Posted 10/31/2006

Exchange Servers 2003 infrastructure Settings
The article is for the fine-tuning of the Exchange 2003 servers in Native Mode. It will focus upon helping the Exchange Network Administrator to learn how to coordinate preventive measures in order to be prepared for reactive manifestations
[ check it out ] Posted 11/8/2006

My name is Ann Mc Donough I am from the province of Quebec, Canada. I have a Bachelors in Political Science having studied at Concordia and at Laval University. For my technical training I became a Microsoft Certified Professional in following the complete training program at Champlain Regional College completed in 2003. I am a multi-disciplinary Network Specialist. My favourite aspects of information technology are Mail servers (Exchange, LotusDomino, etc.), DNS, Active Directory, and protocols. I have been a writer and this capacity has lead me to become a Technical Writer as a Network Specialist. I have been working in the information technology sectors for the last ten years. I have touched programming, multimedia, sales & marketing, project management and network management. I hope to continue working in this very interesting field of speciality and hope to find a wider audience to expose this work to. My objective is to publish a complete manual on network management and infrastructures eventually. Please enjoy the documentation that I will provide for the Website and give me feedback on your impressions.

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