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What's new this week August 22, 2011

Did some work on the site this morning and removed some old ADs and the Google Ads so things should start running a little faster. Also have some new posts that should be going up next week!

OutlookExchange Articles

Debunking the top 5 Myths concerning Cross-Forest Exchange Migrations
Exchange Cross-Forest migrations are not as impossible, expensive or complex as you may think. If you are considering merging an Exchange 2003 or Exchange 2007 organization into another organization, you should know that it can be done and you can do it.  [ check it out ]

Move-Mailbox: Failed to set basic mailbox information, will retry in 60 seconds"
This Exchange 2007 Management Shell message is not an error and it is both recoverable and (duration) changeable. But, any change you define won't be reflected in the status message. Read on to see what can cause this and more importantly how you can work around it.  [ check it out ]

Integrating SharePoint and Outlook 2007
This article covers how to integrate SharePoint lists with Outlook items. It goes over how to get Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, and Document Libraries in SharePoint to show up in Outlook 2007. [ check it out ]

Creating a Spam Quarantine with Exchange 2007
Microsoft made some nice changes and additions to help control the flow of spam, one of those is support for a spam quarantine. [ check it out ]

New Exchange News

The product service strategy for Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft has posted on how Exchange 2007 differs from the way that they services earlier versions of Exchange. The new methods include how contents are updated, the installer technology and how fixes are applied. [ check it out ]

Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server may experience performance problems when the PDC emulator is used for DSAccess
By default, DSAccess chooses the primary domain controller (PDC) emulator operations master role computer to handle requests in Microsoft Exchange. This action may result in poor performance if other non-Exchange programs are making heavy use of the PDC emulator. [ check it out ]

The Top Support Issues with the Exchange Notes Connector
This article lists the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that Product Support Services (PSS) most frequently uses to resolve issues with the Microsoft Exchange Connector for Lotus Notes. [ check it out ]


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