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Daylight Savings Time (DST 2007) Starts 3 Weeks Earlier in 2007
Since 1986, we have gotten used to “springing forward” on the 1st Sunday in April and “fall back” on the last Sunday in October.  But last year – 2006 -- marks the end of it and starting this year – 2007 – we will be “springing forward” 3 weeks earlier.   For 2007, the day we lose an hour of sleep falls on March 11th.  But for IT professionals, there might be more hours of sleep lost due to the patches and user support needed to accommodate this change.  Let’s take a look at what are the patches needed. [read on]

Remotely Wiping Lost PDAs with MobileAdmin
As mobile computing becomes ever so prevalent, the probability of these mobile devices being lost or stolen also increases several folds. For IT managers and system administrators out there, what do you do when a field salesperson or your CEO calls you in the middle of the night and says he or she got a smartphone/PDA stolen at the airport? [read on]

Acrobat PDF Attachments not Showing Up, CPU at 100%
Have you tried to open up a PDF attachment only to see the Adobe Acrobat logo but nothing else. You tried everything under the sun -- double-clicked again, restarted Outlook, killed Adobe Acrobat (Acrobat.exe or AcroRd32.exe) that is taking up nearly 100% of CPU time via the task manager (taskmgr.exe), restarted the computer, reinstalled the program -- all to no avail? [read on]

Mac Entourage X Now Works with Exchange
Mac users running OS X in organizations that use Microsoft Exchange Server for e-mail had to use various workarounds in order to use certain features on Exchange. They can now tap into what Exchange has to offer without compromising collaboration with other Windows users. [read on]


Armchair Sys Admin - Have Your Server Email You Logs
Participate in armchair system administration! Have your servers email you logs every morning, or however often you like. In this article, I'm going to write about how to use scripts to perform common sys admin tasks. [read on]

Cleaning Outdated Email from AutoComplete (.nk2 file)
AutoComplete (of email address) is a convenient feature of Outlook XP but may not always read your mind right. Can you imagine it filling in the wrong email and you accidently send it to the wrong person? Perhaps it's time to clean those old names out. [read on]

Overriding the Built-in Attachment Security Settings in Outlook XP
Do you ever have the need to exchange .exe or .mdb or other "unsafe" files over email and find that the built-in security within Outlook 2002 (XP) or 2003 doesn't allow you to open them? Take Control! Here is the registry tweak for it. [read on]

Tips for Offline Users (2) - Free/busy Time
As the second article of the Offline series, I'd like to talk about scanning and fixing your offline folder, the calendar service and how to get more out of it... [read on]

Outlook Web Access Script Execution Vulnerability in Microsoft Server 5.5
A vulnerability exists in the Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Outlook Web Access (OWA) service that lets an attacker take any action on the user’s
mailbox that the user can take, including deleting, moving and sending messages. ... [read on]

Tips for Offline Users (1) - Synchronizing
In this series of articles, I want to start by talking about issues that Outlook users run into when they work offline. There are things to think about that you normally don't run into if you stay connected all the time e.g. Dial-up/slow connection users, automatic synchronization, offline web pages... [read on]

Check List for Migration to Exchange 2000
Are you taking on the task of migrating your enterprise Exchange server to Exchange 2000? Or are you doing research before the deployment? You would probably want to grab as much reference as possible before this monstrous task. These are several items to consider: Site Set up, Back up, Moving Mailboxes, Moving Public Folders and Replication... [read on]

Outlook XP Enhancements - save time and tread of your mouse!
There are several neat features of Outlook XP that are enticing to users. While most of the time users find upgrades to be just bells and whistles and bloated codes, this release of Outlook offers some nifty improvements for everyday use. e.g. "Server is Busy" dialog box, Address Completion, Integrated reminder list, Mailbox Cleanup Tool, Smart Tag etc... [read on]

My name is Joyce Tang and I am the managing consultant at AgilisIT, a San Diego based technology consulting company catering to high potential small and mid-size businesses, and specializing in health care, life science, and research sectors.

Having been an Exchange administrator and provided support for Outlook from 97 to 2007, my goal is to give you information and tips that cover both the user's perspective and the administrator's standpoint. My articles are aimed to be reader-friendly so computer users of various levels can understand and enjoy .

I'm a glutton for good food. I like to try out restaurants, from exotic street vendors in foreign countries to yummy local establishments. To share my joy of eating, I write a food blog at HungrryMonkey

To contact me, email:
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